Sunday, September 25, 2022


                           DIGITAL MARKITING
we sell our products by using a digital medium such as the internet, mobile phones or by advertising.with the advancement of digital marketing is extended to both internet or not internet channels. digital marketers used digital channels and internet for marketing.

We use social media, emails, and websites to connect with customers .marketrs can also market via mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or laptops etc.We express our loyality and increase online business by digital marketing.Advertisiment by videos is another impressive and increasing way of digital marketing.

Methods of digital marketing are listed below
Ø SEO                  
Ø E-commerce         
Ø Content marketing
Ø Social media marketing and optimization

 Paid Media:
Paid media of digital marketing are:
Ø Television
Ø Radio
Ø Prints
Ø Events
Ø Remarketing

Latest tendencies and strategies
business to business and business to customer sector
Online behavioral advertising:
 Is the exercise of gathering data approximately a person’s online interest through the years “on a specific tool and across exclusive, unrelated web sites, on the way to supply advertisements tailor-made to that user’s hobbies and choices
Ø Collaborative Environment
Ø Data-driven advertising
Ø Game advertising

Billboard appearing is the most common example of game advertising.
Ø Data-driven advertising
Ø Remarketing for increasing the sale of the products by advertising the products on the top of the sites .on these sites where people interest is more than other sites.
Effective of digital marketing depends upon interesting mail titles
Ø A building of customer exclusively
Ø Low technical requirement

Following services are available
Ø Analytic manager
Ø CRM manager
Ø Digital marketing and web expertise
Ø Copywriter
Ø PPC search manager
Ø Web designer and developer
Ø E-commerce manager
Ø Sales director

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